THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. 1. Chapter 1 Marseilles -- The Arrival n the 24th of February, , the look-out at. Notre-Dame de la Garde signalled the. The Count of Monte. Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Pere. Styled by LimpidSoft .. for ten minutes at the island of Monte Cristo to settle the dispute–a proposition. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project The Count of Monte Cristo, Illustrated by Alexandre Dumas. Book Cover.

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The ship drew on and had safely passed the strait, which some volcanic shock has made between the Calasareigne and Jaros islands; had doubled Pomegue, and approached the harbor under topsails, jib, and spanker, but so slowly and sedately that the idlers, with that instinct which is the forerunner of evil, asked one another what misfortune could have happened on board. However, those experienced in navigation saw plainly that if any accident had occurred, it was not to the vessel herself, for she bore down with all the evidence of being skilfully handled, the anchor a-cockbill, the jib-boom guys already eased off, and standing by the side of the pilot, who was steering the Pharaon towards the narrow entrance of the inner port, was a young man, who, with activity and vigilant eye, watched every motion of the ship, and repeated each direction of the pilot.

The vague disquietude which prevailed among the spectators had so much affected one of the crowd that he did not await the arrival of the vessel in harbor, but jumping into a small skiff, desired to be pulled alongside the Pharaon, which he reached as she rounded into La Reserve basin. When the young man on board saw this person approach, he left his station by the pilot, and, hat in hand, leaned over the ship's bulwarks. He was a fine, tall, slim young fellow of eighteen or twenty, with black eyes, and hair as dark as a raven's wing; and his whole appearance bespoke that calmness and resolution peculiar to men accustomed from their cradle to contend with danger.

Morrel," replied the young man,—"a great misfortune, for me especially! Off Civita Vecchia we lost our brave Captain Leclere. But, Monte Cristo, in contrariety, recognized all of his enemies, which now are all powerful and influential men. Ferdinand had married Mercedes and was now the Count de Morcef. Monte Cristo released information to the press that proved that Morcef is a traitor, and Morcef is ruined socially.

The Count of Monte Cristo

When they leave him, he was so distraught that he committed suicide. To revenge himself on Caderousse, Monte Cristo easily trapped Caderousse because of his voracious greed.

Monte Cristo awakened this greed with the gift of a diamond.

Later, urged by his wife, Caderousse committed robbery and murder. Now escaped from prison, Caderousse unsuccessfully attempted to rob Monte Cristo. As the man lay dying, Monte Cristo exposed his true name- Edmond Dantes. To revenge himself on Danglars, who loves money more than life itself, Monte Cristo ruins him financially. To revenge himself on Villefront, Monte Cristo slowly reveals to Villefront that he knows about a love affair that Villefront had long ago with Madam Danglars.

He also revealed to him, by hints, that he knows about the illegitimate child whom he fathered, a child whom Villefront had believed to be buried alive.

The child lived, however, and was now engaged to Mademoiselle Danglars, who is really his half-sister. The Count had rescued Valentine from a drug induced coma and reunited her with her love, Maximilian, on the island of Monte Cristo leaving the two young loves his entire fortune.

The Count sailed off into the sunset never to be seen again. He is a sailor who, at the prime of his life and career, is betrayed by close friends because of their jealousy. He is imprisoned for fourteen grueling years during his imprisonment he meets another prisoner named Abbe Faria, who teaches Dantes many languages, sciences, history and other subjects, they become like father and son, and when the Abbe was about to die, he revealed to Dantes the hiding place of a long-secret buried treasure consisting of untold wealth, diamond, gold coins, and other precious jewelry.

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She is consumed with guilt over Edmond's disappearance and is able to recognize him when she meets him again. Left all alone, she and Edmond talked for the last time: once young and in love, they choose to take different paths, saying farewell to each other.

She is portrayed as a compassionate, kind and caring woman who prefers to think for her beloved ones than for herself.

With the money earned he bought the title of "Count de Morcerf" to bring wealth and a more pleasant life to him and his family. Through the book he shows a deep affection and care for his wife and son.

He is described as a very kind-heart, joyful and carefree young man, and fond of Monte Cristo, whom he sees as a friend. They had an illegitimate son, Benedetto.

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She is free-spirited and aspires to become an independent artist. In love with Maximilien Morrel. She is 19 years old with chestnut hair, dark blue eyes, and "long white hands". A committed anti-royalist. He is paralysed and only able to communicate with his eyes, but retains his mental faculties and acts as protector to Valentine. The only legitimate son of Villefort.

Becomes "Andrea Cavalcanti" in Paris. In love with Valentine de Villefort. La Carconte: Wife of Caderousse, who, according to the court, is responsible for the murder of a Jewish jeweller.

She also dies in the incident. Monsieur de Boville: Originally an inspector of prisons, later a detective in the Paris force, and still later the Receiver-General of the charities. Barrois: Old, trusted servant of Monsieur de Noirtier. Monsieur d'Avrigny: Family doctor treating the Villefort family.

Countess Teresa Guiccioli : Her name is not actually stated in the novel. She is referred to as "Countess G—". Serialization ran from August 28, to January 15, Francis Ainsworth in volume VII of Ainsworth's Magazine published in , although this was an abridged summary of the first part of the novel only and was entitled The Prisoner of If.

Ainsworth translated the remaining chapters of the novel, again in abridged form, and issued these in volumes VIII and IX of the magazine in and respectively. This was originally released in ten weekly installments from March with six pages of letterpress and two illustrations by M Valentin.

The Count of Monte Cristo, Illustrated by Alexandre Dumas

Most English editions of the novel follow the anonymous translation. In two of the major American publishers Little Brown and T. Y Crowell updated the translation, correcting mistakes and revising the text to reflect the original serialised version. In Penguin Classics published a new translation by Robin Buss. In addition to the above there have also been many abridged translations such as an edition published by F.

M Lupton, translated by Henry L.

Williams this translation was also released by M. Many abridged translations omit the Count's enthusiasm for hashish. When serving a hashish jam to the young Frenchman Franz d'Epinay, the Count calling himself Sinbad the Sailor , calls it, "nothing less than the ambrosia which Hebe served at the table of Jupiter.

Dumas was a member of the Club des Hashischins.The Abbe, a man of extreme erudition and great generosity of spirit, teaches Dantes everything he knows, from the languages and history of the world to science and philosophy.

Among his many activities there, the Count hires a Corsican named Bertuccio, who witnessed an affair between Villefort and Hermine Danglars. But, Monte Cristo, in contrariety, recognized all of his enemies, which now are all powerful and influential men.

Dantes, for his part, assumes many disguises, including the Count of Monte Cristo an explorer and celebrity of great wealth, erudition, and power, and of indeterminate national origin , the Abbe Busoni a supposed Italian priest , and Lord Wilmore an English banker. She is portrayed as a compassionate, kind and caring woman who prefers to think for her beloved ones than for herself.

The Countess of Charny Alexandre Dumas. The old man taught Edmond history, mathematics, and languages. Danglars, coming out of his cabin, who will furnish you with every particular.

Bertuccio later becomes the Count's servant and informs him of this history.