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Documents Similar To Anthony Jacquin - Reality is Plastic - pdf. Banachek - Psychological Subtleties 2. Uploaded by. monicariosoto · Modern Stage. Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis. First published Reprinted with revisions Anthony Jacquin , The right of Anthony. Reality Is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis Anthony Jacquin books to read online, online library, greatbooks to read, PDF best books to read, top books .

I try not to think about that too much; it makes me dizzy. All paradoxes aside, it is a joy to see a book about hypnosis that cites Elman and McGill as readily as it cites Erickson and Rossi, and I have to say that Jacquin's style easily synthesizes the two different approaches to hypnosis.

His interactions shift from permissive to authoritarian so subtly that there's no clear dividing line. The book contains quite a bit of explanation that's not present in the videos, but even so it is relatively light on theory. This is nuts-and-bolts, working-class hypnotism. Jacquin's chapter on definitions of hypnosis touches on history while not getting bogged down repeating the same information we've seen in many other texts.

Ultimately, the point of that chapter is that effectiveness is more important than theory. Though I would have liked a bit more explication of principles—for instance, Jacquin never points out the fractionation inherent to the structure of his interactions—I have to agree with his overall point: Theories come and go, so results matter more. The real meat of both the book and the video consists of several "set pieces," a small number of inductions, and a few applications for entertainment and therapy.

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The "set pieces" are what others would call suggestibility tests, convincers, waking hypnosis, or even "hypno-tricks. The several inductions Jacquin presents were mostly new to me, which is refreshing. There are only a few, but Jacquin urges his readers to learn a small number of inductions and learn them well.

His purpose is to warn new hypnotists not to waste their lives in a quest for what I call "The One True Induction"—the mythical induction that outstrips all others and works perfectly in every situation. While I agree that mistake is best avoided, I'm personally a bit of an induction collector; I believe that the more inductions you explore, the better your understanding of the principles behind them. Then again, Jacquin does a great job of summing up an important principle that underlies all inductions: "An induction technique is a vehicle for your confidence, your persona, your intent to hypnotize.

His prose is fluent and easy to grasp, even if a proofreader might have helped in a few spots.

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Though the language is very British at times, I had no problem sorting it out as an American reader. I could complain that the video lacks footage of some of the more spectacular stunts described in the book, but I suspect there is a copyright issue at the heart of that.

No prior experience of hypnosis is required to understand and apply the knowledge in this book. The techniques are deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful. They are entirely practical and have been road-tested over many years, with thousands of people. This seminal book is renowned by hypnotists around the world, whether they are hobbyists or professionals.

Originally written in , this is the updated edition from It's simple, straightforward and elegant in its approach.

It has one goal: to teach you to hypnotize other people. And if you put the principles and techniques of this book into practice you will not only become a hypnotist, you will become, as author Anthony Jacquin puts it, The Hypnotist. What does that mean?

Well, it's an important distinction you need to make in your own mind to be that much more effective and confident when you begin to hypnotize people. I've had the good fortune to train live with Anthony Jacquin and his Head Hacking LTD crew, but this book is where it all started for me, and it's still an important reference in my library.

Anthony Jacquin-Reality Is Plastic_ The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis.pdf

I could go on and on about the usefulness of this book, but just get it, read it and internalize the concepts and techniques and you will make an amazing transformation into The Hypnotist! He communicates that magic clearly in this instructive book.

This book is about being able to DO hypnosis, on the fly, anywhere, for any reason—for helping people or for entertaining them, and preferably both.

For that you need a simple, reliable set of tools that can be leveraged into a whole showcase of outcomes.Write a customer review. It has details on advanced techniques such as instant inductions and deepening patterns and amusing demonstrations.

All other trademarks are properties of their owners. His prose is fluent and easy to grasp, even if a proofreader might have helped in a few spots.

It's by far my favorite download this year. It is that simple.

Anthony Jacquin - Reality is Plastic.pdf

I realy couldn't ask for much more in a hypnosis crash crouse. A welcome addition to my bookshelf, and one that will end up well-thumbed.

The real meat of both the book and the video consists of several "set pieces," a small number of inductions, and a few applications for entertainment and therapy.

It is brilliant, and certainly the best rapid induction book I have ever read.