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Descargá gratis el libro Four: The Traitor - Fans of the Divergent series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be excited by 'Four: The. Download Veronica Roth - Cuatro 0,2 - El abromishico.cf Recommended. Cuatro - Veronica Roth · Cuatro - Veronica Roth (10) · Veronica Roth - Divergente 04 - Cuatro · Cuatro Cuenta Su Historia- Veronica Roth Libro Leal Veronica Roth. novelist Veronica Roth set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian Chicago. The trilogy Allegiant [1] (en español Leal) es la tercera de la trilogÃa Divergente de la autora estadounidense (PDF) (Undergraduate Thesis) Translation Strategies of.

She is the youngest of three kids. All of her siblings live in Chicago with her. A diferencia de las dos primeras novelas Den kom ut den 25 april De film is gebaseerd op de gelijknamige roman, geschreven door Veronica Roth en is het vervolg op de film Divergent uit Veronica Roth — Wikipedia ; Leben.

Veronica Roth wuchs in dem Chicagoer Vorort Barrington auf. Roth is vooral bekend van de Divergent-trilogie, bestaande uit Divergent , Insurgent en Allegiant Samensmelting. Di Sharon Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now.

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Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only Before we knew Four as being a character who would never let his fears control him. In Allegiant, Four's fears have his neck in a leash and tug him in any which direction and he willing goes without even putting up a fight. Which now brings me to the disastrous ending of this book. Suddenly, tensions are rising between the factionless and the Allegiant the group who wants to re-establish the faction system and Evelyn decides she's going to use the Erudite death serum to wipe out her opponents.

But the Department of Genetic Welfare is having none of her shit so they decide that they're just going to wipe out everyone's memory so they don't kill each other. Can I also point out here that they used this memory-wiping serum before to trick the general population into thinking that the genetically damaged are alone the cause of the world's problems?

So you know, there wouldn't be massive protests or anything when the government decided to deliberately waste money trying to solve a problem they knew was fucked to begin with.

A race against the clock ensues where Four goes back to Chicago to try and wipe the memories of his parents to stop them from fighting while Tris stays behind to try and steal this memory serum and use it on the Department themselves. The book gets a little preachy right before this part where the characters start talking about how erasing someone's memories is inherently evilunless you have good intentions, of course.

The Department also has good intentions for using this serum on Chicago and saving the lives of thousands of people, but fuck logic. Our heroes would way rather just watch the people they love kill each other.

Veronica Roth

And how exactly does the book wrap up the supposedly exciting and suspenseful conflict between the factionless and the Allegiant that has brewing in the background this whole time? No need to rip apart all of Chicago like she's been planning to her whole life. All she needs is her son.

A few supporting characters die in the book, but you don't really care. If the author didn't bother spending enough time developing that character, why should readers even flinch when they drop dead?

Of course, the book makes these deaths a big deal but you're sitting there like Back in at the Department of Genetic Welfare, Caleb is picked for the suicide mission of breaking into the top-security vault to steal the memory-wiping serum. This is only fitting as Caleb is literally the only character who needs to be redeemed for his betrayal in Insurgent. I mean, the tagline of the book is "one choice can define you" so if Caleb doesn't own up to this moment he's basically going to be a selfish, heartless, coward for the rest of the story.

Oh wait.

This book hasn't sufficiently fucked up already so instead of using a perfectly good opportunity for a back-stabbing character to redeem themselves, it's just going to unnecessarily sacrifice the freaking main character because life is cruel and heartless goddammit! I could literally write another essay on why this particular ending sucked balls, but before some anon messages me saying "omgg it's veronica's book and her ending was so tragic but so byootiful don't you know you're not allowed to hate it??!

This is literally all I ask of any author of any novel. From just a character perspective, it makes sense that Tris would sacrifice herself for the greater good.

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That's just what she, as a selflessly reckless person, would do. We already know that Tris is a character who's willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Did we learn any new information about her character when she decided to make this sacrifice?

Wouldn't we have gained a better perspective of Caleb if he had made this choice instead? And most importantly, wouldn't sparing Tris's life allow the final conclusion of this trilogy to be more sound, less rushed, and less overshadowed by the her death? Tris's sacrifice comes off as being meaningless because she doesn't save anyone from dying.

Had she failed to using the memory serum, the worst thing that would have happened was that Chicago would have been reset and the main conflict would have disappeared completely. And that doesn't even matter in the end because all the major characters that we are supposed to care about were already inoculated against the memory serum anyway.

In fact, by stealing the memory serum, Tris effectively tosses up the fate of Chicago in the air.

The careless way her death is written and revealed makes the ending look like it was purely written simply for a cheap shock value. Cue the forced emotional and dramatic ending where readers drown in a puddle of their feels as we're forced to read Four's tragic reaction to her death. The last few chapters, including the epilogue, are incredibly rushed.What if a single revelation-like a single choice-changed everything?

Katiih Auriich.

Andres Atala Marin. A few supporting characters die in the book, but you don't really care. Italian: Insurgent by Veronica Roth Y es cierto. Javier Zea Meneses.

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Cue the forced emotional and dramatic ending where readers drown in a puddle of their feels as we're forced to read Four's tragic reaction to her death.