r-! I PRACTICAL PITTSICS for degree students (8. Sc. Pass, Honours and Engineering Students) Dr. Giasuddin Ahmad. B. Sc. Hons. M. Sc. (Dhaka), Ph. D. PRACTICAL PITTSICS for degree students. (8. Sc. Pass, Honours and Engineering Students). Dr. Giasuddin Ahmad. B. Sc. Hons. M. Sc. (Dhaka), Ph. D. Find Everything Here from C Programming Codes to Physics Notes. For those who don’t want to download the practical physics book or want to keep a PDF version in their PC, download it from here: Download Practical Physics By Dr. Giasuddin & Md Shahabuddin July 3,

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Download Practical Physics PDF By Dr. Giasuddin Ahmad. abromishico.cfot. com. LIVE ARTISTIC: E-Book || Practical Physics. practical,physics,giasuddin. Download Pratical Physics by Dr Giasuddin Ahmed and Md Shahabuddin Www Euelibrary Com. PRACTICAL PITTSICS for degree students. In this book learners can find almost every practical of physics related to any engineering courses. All the practical is given with proper description and working.

Description oJ the apparatus: Giue a short description oJ tlrc apparatrs.


Giue a neat diagram on the btank page to the leJt. Pictures that are purelg ilLustratiue shoul.

Wheneuer necessarA, ttrcg shoutd. Grapl,s slwuld.

(8. Sc. Pass, Honours and Engineering Students)

The grophs should haoe speci,fi. Unless tlrcre is a reason not to, the graph scate sltouldbe cltoosen so that the plotted" readings are spread. Calculations shorrld be shousn on the blank page to the leJt. Final result of measwrement should be written at the end in proper trnits. A slide callipers consists of a nickel prated steer scare M edge and Fig. In order to deriue -fiill benefiL from tle laboralory work, it is essentfall that the student must knou his uork Jor a particular dag beJoreltand and must careJutlg prepare the metter at ltomeb.

Conting to tlrc Laboratory and. Hence preparation at ltome wiLL matce one grasp ttrc idea a. Ttrc reading mag be forgotten in a short timed. Euery arithmeticat figure used in recording an obseruation must be writLen uery distinctlg so that no doubt mag arise as to its identitg at the time oJ cahculation.

Tlte calculatians made to arriue at the fnal restilt must be shoun. This mag be done on the leJt page oJ the Laboratory note-boolc- c.

Tlrc obseruations must be recorded as soon as theg are This is the principal scale. A jaw A is fixed at right angres at one end of the scale. The other jaw B can slide over Lhe scale and can be fixed at any position by means of a screw T.

This movable jaw carries with it Lwo vernier scales v, one on each side, corresponding to the two main scares. The i. Under this condition, the zero o[ the vernier shoulcl coincide with the zero of the main scale. With such a correcf instrument, when the jaws are separated, the distance belween the zero of the vernier scale and the zero of the main scale is equal to the distance between Lheir edges.

The body, of which the rength is to be nteasured, is placed between the two jaws so as to exactly fit Practical Physics l5 in.

The readings of the main and vernier scales gives the Iength of the object. For example, different time keepers in a sport are found to record different times o[ start ancl finish.

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Inexperienced observers or observers not in a normal state of health make errors of varying magnitude. Such errors may be eliminated by taking mean o[ several observations. In determining the value of g by simple pendulum. Such errors are eliminated by different methods. Thus, these e. Exanrples of these errors are the zero-error in measuring instruments such as screw gauge, slide callipers, end-errors in a meter bridge etc.

In determining specific heat of solid or Iiquid by the method of mixture, the loss of heat by radiation is allwed to occur and then this loss is corrected for. Thus in an experiment with meter bridge in finding the null point, a tapping error is introduced owing to the fact that the pointer which indicates the position is not exactly situated above the fine edge of the jockey which makes contact with the bridge wire.

This is eliminated by obtaining two balance points after interchanging the resistance coils. Inspite of all corrections and precautions taken against all possible known causes, some errors due to unknown causes occur which affect the observations.

Such errors are called accidental errors. Errors in such cases are reduced by taking a number of observations and finding their mean. Due to carelessness in this respect an error in reading is inevitable' This error in. In order to avoid such errors the scale' straight or circular, is often placed over a mirror' An image of the objecL is formed in the mirror by reflection and the reading of the object is taken wi[hout ditticulty' 0 Level Errors: Instruments like a balance' spectrorfrEGr,-difficle etc, require levelling before use.

These instruments are generally provided with levelling screws. Using a spirit level and by adjusting the screws' levelling is done. With continued use, the screw and the nut wear away due to friction and the space within the nut for the play of the screw increases more and more' The result is that when the screw is turned continuously in one direction, the stud at the end of the screw moves as usual; but when rotated in the opposite direction the stud does not move fpr a while.

The error introduced on reversing the direction of turning is called back-Lash error. This is avoided by turning the instrument, before taking any reading' always in the same direction.

If x be the arithmetic mean of a set of obsewations and o the probable error, then the true value is as likely to lie within the range x 1 a as outside it. If the observed values of the same quantity u be x1 , xz Let us now determine the limits within which the errors of u may lie.

The probable error may be calculated as follows: i Calculate the arithmetic mean.

It is called the deviationd' iii calculate the average value of the deviation without taking their signs in consideration' Call this value 6 the average deviation. The probable error is O'B times this value.Some instruments are provided with arrangement to measure the internal diameter and the depth of a cylinder Fig.

The sunl o[ the main scale reading and the fractional parL taking account of the zero error , gives the length of the rod. Hence lad is the independent variable and the elngatin is the dependent variable.

PRACTICAL_PHYSICS by Dr.Giasuddin Ahmed - determine the...

At the end f each experiment relevent questins and their answers harre been prvided, thus clarilying the theretical aspect f the experiment. When a frce ls applied t the free end f a splral sprlng suspended frm a flxed supprt, the spring stretches ln a nrmal maneer and beys Hke's law. Grapl,s slwuld.