PDF | 20+ minutes read | The drinking water crisis in Asia is Automatic Water Level Indicator and Controller can provide a solution to this problem. 15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research projects. Introduction: Water level indicator is a simple circuit mechanism. It needs for In this project we are not using any microcontroller. But in this. Water Level Indicator Project. Water Level Indicator: The Water Level Indicator employs a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the water level in an.

Water Level Indicator Project Pdf

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operation of water level controller works upon the fact that water conducts In this project we have used four probes namely A,B,C,D which are adjusted at four . The operation of water level controller works upon the fact that water conducts Water Level Indicator is a simple low cost circuit. at the end of the project. Nzioka Shadrack- Water Level Indicator- A project report. Digital Electronics- APT Dr Sylvester Namuye. USIU- Africa. Spring

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Water Level Indicator Project Paper

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Published in: Each wire end was in series with the base of the transistors. The 9-V battery was finally connected on the breadboard using a battery clip. Its negative terminal was inserted in the negative lead of the breadboard in series with the cathode of the LEDs and its positive terminal was inserted in the positive lead at the uppermost row of the breadboard.

The schematic followed can be seen in Fig. Configuration The first pin or the collector of the BC component is connected to a source. The second pin or the base of the transistor is connected to a wire that has the other end on a certain water level.

The third pin or the emitter is connected to the LED. Initially, voltage applied to the first transistor is zero; hence, it is in OFF state. No current flows through the collector and the LED does not light up.

Functions of the materials:

Upon the touch of water on the wires, water acts as a conductor which allows the flow of current from the source to the base of the transistor. Positive voltage is applied to the transistor and turns it to its ON state.

Current now flows from collector to emitter making the LED light up. As the water continues to fill the tank, the LEDs2, 3 and 4 lights up gradually. The no.

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When the water is full, the base of the transistor BC is pulled high by the water and this saturates the transistor, turning the buzzer ON. Functions of the materials: 1. Resistors: they limit the current and provide only the required biasing to the vital parts like transistors. Transistors: they amplify the current to provide right amount of current to the led's to operate.

Diode: it allows the current to pass in one direction only. Led bulbs: to indicate different water levels.

Connecting wires: to allow the passage of current. The part number is assigned by Pro Electron, which allows many manufacturers to offer electrically and physically interchangeable parts under one identification. The BC is commonly available in European Union countries.

It is often the first type of bipolar transistor young hobbyists encounter, and is often featured in circuit diagrams and designs published in hobby electronics magazines. The pinout for the TO package has pin 1 attached to the collector, pin 2 connected to the base, and pin 3 connected to the emitter.

Each wire is connected to a particular led. When water is added in the bucket, the first led to glow is the one whose wire is longest.The advantages over single-channel switches include peak input-signal voltage swings equal to the full supply voltage and more constant onstate impedance over the input-signal range. The circuit is complete when voltage flows through the water.. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Published on Mar 27, Typically the spring clips are rated for 1 Ampere at 5 Volts and 0.

Water Level Indicator Project Paper

They typically consist of a measuring chamber connected to the vessel being pump. Where ICs are not used. The adapter is then plugged into the breadboard via the 0.

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A transistor is made of a solid piece of a semiconductor material.