A Summer Training Report on BITUMINOUS(ASPHALT)ROAD At UTTAR Quality control of bituminous concrete construction The routine. FULL PROJECT REPORT ON ROAD CONSTRUCTION IN PWD, CD-1, A Summer Training Report On CONSTRUCTION OF CEMENT. Industrial Training Report (Road Sector) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Industrial Summer Training Report at Construction Site of

Summer Training Report On Road Construction Pdf

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6 ABOUT THIS SUMMER TRAINING This summer training about construction of all weather road in Mankapur (GONDA). We were working under Rural. Chapter 3: Impact of Engineering and learned skills in Training. supervise the construction work closely, or as design engineer using software . The complex is supported by various utility buildings which are interlinked by roads, sidewalks, . Department of Civil Engineering Internship Report Page 1 The technical staffs . Major activities in this road construction are; Clearing and grubbing of.

Sprinkling of water for settlement of aggregates. Sprinkling of sand over aggregates layer.

Alternatively, spray a cutback or emulsion 0. Setting and Drying Cured for 7 days moist. Hungry spots to be filled with screenings or binding material, lightly sprinkled with water and rolled. Only light motor vehicles could be allowed during curing. Water Bound Macadam WBM base course is constructed with graded aggregate in two or three layers as per the design. Each layer, with appropriate graded aggregate, is spread to proper profile and dry rolled.

Screenings small size aggregate are applied over the rolled aggregate and water is sprinkled.


Grading 2 for material aggregate is 63 mm to 45 mm 0. The Bituminous layer also provides for dust free and comfortable riding. Many types of bituminous layers are constructed. Some layers act as base coarse and some act as surface coarse only. Keeping the traffic conditions on rural roads in view, the bituminous layer for works under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana is often provided only as surface coarse. Ability to excess the SITE location of any place.

To find out the distance between any two or more point on the earth or moon by using Google earth. Ability to draw map of any area. Ability to find out length and width of any river. Ability of knowing about any road and its connecting road as well as its classification according to Nagpur road plan.

Ability of knowing approximate layer thickness in road. The quality of material using on this road is very good.

There is no problem of funding. We have a lot of experience about road type and its characteristics as well as village road connection.

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We have knowledge Indian road cods. We have knowledge about village road condition. Khaled Al-Sahili. Spencer Guthrie, Ph. Roads Introduction Transportation engineering is one of the most important branches of civil engineering. Transportation means conveyance of human. Perraton, M. Meunier and M. Transportation is a way of moving people or things from.

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Stone Should be uniform, durable and free from cracks Should be less than mm Top and bottom face should be parallel to each other Thickness should be mm Width should be Masonry mortar 2. Equipment 3. Additionally, intern develops how the weekly report is prepared in the site of the project. The project manager is responsible for all activities in the project. This does not mean the project manager do everything associated with the project; it does means the project manager own ultimate responsibility for the project, regardless who is on the project team and obstacle encountered along the way to successful completion.

The technical knowledge and skill required to be a successful project manager are wide ranging. Through our internship duration in the company, we would like to thank our supervisors for their kind help guiding and giving orientation in each activity before we start practicing the main activities. Guiding and giving orientation in each activities 2.

Brief description of what will be done in each activity 3. Reacting politely to our questions 4.

summer training - BITUMINOUS(asphalt ROAD SUMMER INTERNSHIP...

Providing an access of materials as much as possible. Give us new engineering tasks and monitoring our progress As organization consists workers with different; educational back ground, ethnic back ground, religion and characters, and longtime our stay with Betret International construction PLC as intern has helped us to develop; - Communication skill - Efficiency - Team work - Performance quality - Report writing skill - Job satisfaction - On site work skills - Accuracy - Punctuality etc… We also worked hard so far to create value and apply our competence, motivation and work skills to make a strong contribution to Addis-Adama Motor way Construction Company.

The main activities we have learned in this site vision are: 3. These tests performed by using sand-cone equipment. It depend on station.

Some amount of soil is taken from each layer to measure its density, using sand cone method test. The activity performed daily - Clay material placing - Compaction - Excavation of soft material - Clay and Red ash soil material preparation - Material mix - Excavation of hard core - Waste away Fig 3.

Natural soil On which the pavement structure is laid on, if the organic materials are in excess first clearance of the site is necessary, first cleared, remove top soil and excavate the soil. Deep of removing is from 15cm to 20cm. Capping layer: Is the layer in which, if the sub grade materials used are and poor quality, so capping layer which is cheap, but strong one is used to cap the weak sub grade, in this way, the thickness of expensive sub grade is not required to be increased.

Used to strength the sub grade, but also protect the road formation during construction. It protects the sub grade from weathering such as wetting, thickness 30cm by two 1ayers. Stability 2. Incompressibility 3.

Permanency of strength 4. Minimum changes in volume and stability under adverse conditions of weather and ground water 5. Good drainage 6.

Ease of compaction From the main work carried out by this project, the sub grade takes the major part. Sub grade is an integral part of the road pavement structure and it should possess sufficient stability under adverse climate condition. The material used to construct it is different from station to station for earth work and structural parts, this means different in type, quality proportionality and etc.

And also its depth varies from place to place; it very deep at gorge and small at normal ground level. Its compaction performed for each 20cm thickness layer. The compaction intended to equipment type, soil depth, soil type and number of travel under selected condition. Always check the water content and density in order to achieve the required degree of compaction requirements. For sub grade — selected soil. For gorge — clay soil with water 3.

For around structure - 5 red ash soil and 3 clay soil with water 4. For capping layer — 4 clay soil and 2 red ash soil But if there is no required soil type, a crushed stone and soil is mixed proportionally with water by grader to replace required material.

summer training - BITUMINOUS(asphalt ROAD SUMMER INTERNSHIP...

And also we take participation in the site how equipment operates the given work within given time. The equipment in the operation was: loader, dozer, damp trucker, water trucker, excavator, roller and etc.

Sub-base materials Is the layer of aggregate material laid on the sub grade on which the base course layer is located; it is main load bearing layer of the pavement. Its role is to spread the load evenly over the sub grade. Materials used; unbound granular materials such as crushed stone with sand. Machineries used; compactor used to achieve the required depth of sub base.

Technical knowledge and skills benefited from our course I.Brooming 9. Sachin gupta summer training in pwd.

The grading of coarse aggregates should be as per specifications of IS Prepare budget for project. To placing the concrete in appropriate depth used 2.

Other books: DEBT OF HONOR PDF

Even though, we know the principles and ideas behind design and drawing, we have to be familiar with computer programs. Recycled concrete is a viable source of aggregate and has been satisfactorily used in granular subbases, soilcement, and in new concrete.

The control of the temperatures during the mixing and the compaction are of great significance in the strength of the resulting pavement structure 14 Natural gravel and sand are usually dug or dredged from a pit, river, lake, or seabed.

Providing an access of materials as much as possible.