With Audio Book Creator, you can convert most digital text available to an audio book. Since ABC creates several audio formats (WAV, WMA), you can use it with . There are a few programs like Audiobook Creator that allow you to convert EPUB , PDF ebooks to audiobooks through built-in text-to-speech engines. Audiobook Creator creates Audiobooks from ebooks. It converts ebooks to audiobooks using text to speech technology.

Audio Book Creator

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ABC. Chapters (Table of Contents); Cover image; Dedicated chapter covers possible; Additional descriptive text and commentary for displaying in iTunes. Audiobook Maker Many websites, such as, offer lots of complete audiobooks for free. The only problem is that these books come in. Guys, I'm a little dumbfounded by this, but I've gone back to a PC after many years of using a mac. I would use audiobookbuilder to build all my.

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Starting with Advanced Audio Coding AAC formatted files or any other audio file supported in iTunes, the user can combine multiple input files into a single audiobook file with chapter marks. You can use it to make your own recordings, remove noise, cut and combine clips, apply special effects and much more, and achieve truly professional results.

There are no limits on the size or length of your projects, and nothing is locked behind a paywall. Although FFmpeg requires a little work to learn, you can still get productive very quickly. He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years.

Your audiobook will be sold through these online retailers:

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You are here: Audible cover art requirements. QUIET and make sure all your equipment functions correctly. Also, be sure to keep pets out of the room, turn off HVAC vents, and stop the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher before you start recording.

My wife is a voice artist for our company, and we have experienced all of these little interruptions during her recording sessions. This is something we can help you with and you can also find good engineers on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. ACX requires a different size cover square rather than site rectangle and you cannot just stretch out your cover to square size. Be sure you enter your bank account and tax information for royalty payments!

As with seemingly most of the world economy these days even grocery stores! Interestingly, ACX also distributes to iTunes. When I found out this fact years ago, I was as amazed as you are now, but this is one example of Apple-site collaboration, which is pretty amazing for these stiff competitors.

There are other options out there for audiobook publication, but none as huge as ACX. This means you will receive significantly lower ACX royalties. Both of these platforms, however, are going to require you to negotiate a deal to be published on them, while on ACX you can simply upload your book and start selling audiobooks.

Very simple and easy to do. Now, you do have one major decision to make with ACX before submitting your audiobook for review, and that is: Here are the main pros and cons of each:.

Create Audiobooks from MP3 with Chapters and Bookmarks

Exclusive to ACX and cannot publish your audiobook on competing platforms. Publish audiobook on your own website and other markets. Usually, a good choice if you have a large email list and wide distribution base that would love to download your audiobook.

One question that always seems to come up is royalty payments, and how much you can expect to make off audiobooks. This is pretty confusing, so let me first explain how books are priced on ACX.

Royalties then are based on how the audiobook is sold. ACX royalties are based on whether or not the customer is an Audible Listener i.

You can see from the example above that listener credit royalties are much lower than the other categories. This can add up fast! As such, you need to maximize this opportunity to distribute these codes in order to do things like:.

Create Audiobooks from MP3 with Chapters and Bookmarks

Now, you should know that marketing an audiobook is still somewhat in its infancy. But with far fewer audiobooks published compared to site eBooks, if you wisely work the marketing end, you can get ahead of the relatively smaller competitive field. A fundamental strategy for marketing your book is to gather reviews as noted above. How can authors get reviews?

Plus, below is a list of websites both free and paid where you can post your audiobook to help promote it and ask for feedback. They even have an option to submit multiple books at once to make it easier for you.

They require at least 4. Another strategy for gathering reviews is to ask professional reviewers for one, and fortunately, there are a fair number of websites where you can find these reviewers.

Audio Book Reviewer.

Eargasms Audiobook Reviews. Audiobook Jungle. The audiobook market is expanding rapidly with no real end in sight.

With that, there are very good middle ground options for self-published authors that allow you to produce an audiobook for a reasonable price. That relatively low cost combined with the burgeoning market makes a solid business case for producing audiobooks from your eBook or paperback content. Simply reach out to us at contact gutenbergreloaded. How To Make An Audiobook: Tweet Pin Share In this article, you will learn: Why you should make an audiobook Audiobook formats and what they mean The steps for making an audiobook Where to sell and how to market your audiobook Why Should Authors Make An Audiobook?

Here are some impressive statistics on audiobook market growth and evolution: These book types include: Reference books Quotation books Home and garden or interior design books image heavy books Any type of picture book Cookbooks Travel guides Books That Make Excellent Audiobooks Conversely, several types of book genres typically sell very well on Audible. Individual results obviously vary, but typically these book genres sell well: Simply click the button below! Get Your Free Book Here!Each uploaded file must have between 0.

ACX does offer more voice artists, but many of them are unwilling to do shorter audiobooks and many insist on a royalty share model where they receive 7 years of royalty payments from your audiobook.

Audiobook creator uses text to speech technology provided by Mac OS X and it supports all the languages that are supported by Mac. Each uploaded file must have peak values no higher than -3dB. A fundamental strategy for marketing your book is to gather reviews as noted above.